LCG’s Investment Banking team advises and assists companies pursuing growth through strategic acquisitions or mergers. LCG assists in the evaluation of various alternatives to organic growth and the development and execution of acquisition strategies.

Below is an overview of LCG’s Buy Side M&A process:

Target Identification:

  • Assist in developing specific acquisition target criteria, objectives and priorities for an acquisition
  • Identify qualified acquisition targets through LCG’s research capabilities and by leveraging LCG’s broad network of capital market professionals and industry experts to obtain recommendations and introductions to potential acquisition targets
  • Perform targeted research of industry trade publications and associations for acquisition targets

Target Qualification:

  • Obtain pertinent information on the target including, but not limited to, their customer base, service offerings, financial performance and metrics, brand reputation and management team
  • Evaluate and categorize targets
  • Approach each target to assess their interest in a potential transaction
  • Secure non-disclosure arrangements with interested targets, and collect additional target information necessary to conduct initial due diligence
  • Review the information collected for each target, narrow down the universe to the top targets and provide an initial assessment on the viability of each acquisition target

Deal Execution and Closing:

  • Coordinate, facilitate and attend meetings with acquisition targets
  • Advise on valuation, deal structure and terms and formulate IOI’s
  • Lead preliminary negotiations on behalf of the Company
  • Determine financing strategy and assist in preparing information for financing sources
  • Facilitate the flow of information during due diligence through to a closing