Management of a company during a time of distress is a challenging situation. LCG’s hands on financial and operational experience working with companies during times of distress allows us to develop plans specific to each client situation that will allow them to navigate through difficult environments and manage relationships with multiple stakeholders. Our debtor advisory services include corporate restructuring and refinancing, working capital management solutions, pre-bankruptcy planning, and creditor and vendor negotiations.


Restructuring and Refinancing

  • Assessment of Operations and Financial Condition of a Company
  • Determine Optimal Capital Structure and Debt Service Capacity
  • Obtain Feedback from the Capital Markets on Refinancing Structure, Pricing and Terms

Working Capital Management Solutions

  • 13 Week Cash Flow Analysis
  • Liquidity Analysis and Improvement Planning
  • Customer and Vendor Communications and Negotiation

Pre Bankruptcy Planning

  • Identification and Disposition of Non Core Assets
  • Negotiation of Lender Forebearance Agreements
  • Cost Reduction Initiatives
  • Performance Monitoring

Creditor and Vendor Negotiations

  • Establish Payment Plan Arrangements
  • Monitor Cash Payments to Creditors
  • Ensure Supply Chain Remains Stable
  • Maintain Vendor Communication