Value Proposition

At LCG, our strategy is to maximize value and exceed expectations
by focusing on the 4Cs of Value:

Cost savings

  • Our extensive knowledge of industry specifics and best practices often leads to quicker decision-making.
  • Our highly efficient team is typically far more cost effective than a client’s own staff, especially when considering opportunity costs.

Capacity enhancement

  • Relieves burden from senior management
  • We handle the critical details allowing the client’s senior managers to focus on the big picture
  • We provide a temporary increase in resources, rather than hiring full time personnel

Clarity on transaction risk and valuation

  • Our individual industry knowledge and highly effective processes developed over thousands of engagements allows us to quickly provide the insight and clarity necessary for our clients to make smarter decisions.
  • We’re able to leverage our extensive relationships with capital providers and professional service providers to expose industry-specific transaction risks gained from first-hand experience.

Creative solutions

  • We not only provide resources, experience, and insight; we also offer the creative solutions often required to successfully close on difficult transactions.
  • Experienced in variety of structures/pricing