About LCG Advisors

About LСG

At LCG, we put the best interests of our clients first, offering objective, unbiased advice delivered in the most professional manner.

“LCG excels in tailoring its product to the needs of its clients and avoids the one-size-fits-all methodology when addressing our clients’ needs. If you are seeking a product for a specific industry within a tight timeline, LCG has you covered.” Tristan Daly, Director


At LCG Advisors, we put the best interests of our clients first, offering objective, unbiased advice delivered in the most professional manner. We are driven by finance and creativity and welcome challenges that most would shy away from. We meet the most complex client needs with energy, commitment, and innovative thinking.

Founded in 2003, LCG Advisors has developed a reputation for consistently exceeding client expectations with a very high level of integrity and professionalism. LCG’s team of professionals work in complement with our clients; our management teams overcome challenges, minimize transaction risk, and maximize overall transaction value. Our clients have confidence in us as their advisor, and we take that responsibility very seriously.

Our Core Values


Consistently treating others with honesty, dignity, trust, and respect.


Striving to develop the best relationships and reputation


Nothing but the best in every task


Learning from, growing with, and helping one another

Employee and Family Focus

Supporting “Family First” and maximizing quality of life

Our Mission

To provide superior transaction advisory services with our client’s best interests as priority by creating a culture that inspires excellence through teamwork.

years of experience
and credibility
billion of completed

Value proposition

At LCG, our strategy is to maximize value and exceed expectations by focusing on the 5Cs of Value:


LCG Advisors is built upon a family focus that extends to our clients, allowing excellence through teamwork and collective advisory. This focus is seen through the immeasurable care we provide to our clients and employees.

Cost Savings

Our extensive knowledge of industry specifics and best practices often leads to quicker decision-making. Our highly efficient team is typically far more cost effective than a client’s own staff, especially when considering opportunity costs.

Creative Solutions

We not only provide resources, experience, and insight; we also offer the creative solutions often required to successfully close on difficult transactions. We are experienced in a variety of structures/pricing.

Clarity on transaction risk and valuation

Our individual industry knowledge and highly effective processes developed over thousands of engagements allows us to quickly provide the insight and clarity necessary for our clients to make smarter decisions.

Capacity Enhancement

Relieves burden from senior management. We handle the critical details allowing the client’s senior managers to focus on the big picture. We provide a temporary increase in resources, rather than hiring full time personnel.


Confidence to Pursue Possibilities

Blending a proven framework and flexible approach with true insight is key to the unique way we help our clients thrive.

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