Services for Banks and Institutional Debt Providers

Services for Banks and Institutional Debt Providers

LCG is one of the nation’s leading third-party due diligence and transaction advisory firms, performing over 1,000 engagements annually for top financial institutions. Our clients include money-center banks, commercial finance companies, and other institutional private debt capital providers.

The LCG Lenders Services Group services include collateral examinations, quality of earnings reviews, business valuations, loan portfolio reviews, corporate and personal background investigations, and loan workout assistance. Our diverse team of professionals has extensive experience in most areas of finance including audit, commercial credit, loan underwriting, public accounting, workout management, business operations, and private equity.

LCG’s Lenders Services are unique due to the comprehensive nature of our services. We provide our clients with detailed insight into transaction risk and support across a multitude of channels.

“LCG is uniquely positioned to serve our clients in virtually every aspect of a transaction, from initial diligence to post transaction support. The specialty groups at LCG are filled with subject matter experts that only review transactions in their discipline, all day, every day.” Dave Ruhlig, Managing Director

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LCG Advisors has a national footprint with knowledge and expertise from regional and industry-focused teams.

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