Investigative Services

Investigative Services

LCG’s Investigative Services Group (“ISG”) has a 22-year track record of performing mission-critical background investigations working largely within the financial services and litigation support industries.

LCG’s fully licensed staff provide investigative services and background checks that allow our clients to make well-informed business and transaction decisions. All clients and situations are unique and have specialized needs. Our team’s extensive experience offers the opportunity for interested parties to gain valuable insights into the content areas best suited to address specific research and information requirements.

Common Situations Requiring ISG Services:

  • Business Acquisitions and Investments
  • Mergers
  • Corporate Loans
  • Equity Investments
  • Strategic and Joint Ventures
  • Key Employee Hires and Recurring Checks
  • Complex Litigation Matters
  • Restructuring & Insolvency Support
  • Competition or Industry Research
  • Business and Individual Licensing Verifications

Common ISG Clients:

  • Private Equity Firms, Family Offices, and Independent Sponsors
  • Private and Public Companies
  • Hedge Funds / Investment Funds
  • Mezzanine and Specialty Lenders
  • Regional and Community Banks
  • Commercial Lenders
  • Business Litigation Attorneys
  • Family Law Attorneys
  • Transaction Attorneys

ISG’s Suite of Services:

  • Corporate Due Diligence Investigations are initiated at varying stages during the due diligence process including both pre- and post-transaction, whenever best suited to our clients’ needs. We work in tandem with our clients to obtain and provide details that are critical to the successful and appropriate conclusion of deals and transactions.
  • Open Source/ Public Information/ Social Media Investigations With the proliferation of social media and open-source intelligence (“OSINT”), it has become essential to conduct social and Internet research to seek out content that may not represent your organization or clients in a proper light. Our research allows clients to be confident that potential concerns are identified in advance in a timely and efficient manner. 
  • Key Employee Background Screenings Hire and retain with confidence. Board members, candidates for high-level executive positions, specialized consultants, and temporary administrative assistants, we provide the information needed to fully assess each candidate’s personal and professional history. We conduct an independent background inquiry providing precise and thorough information related to content areas outlined by our clients.
  • Litigation Support, Document Retrieval, and Analysis We can assist with the development of leads and evidence and gathering testimony based on specific legal strategies and needs. Our team can identify “new evidence,” where appropriate, in both the course of litigation and for appeals.
  • Asset Searches Whether individual or corporate assets, our team thoroughly scours public records, use innovative research techniques and interviews to follow the clues to wherever they may lead. Through similar processes we help determine liabilities, indebtedness, and other “hidden” assets.

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LCG Advisors has a national footprint with knowledge and expertise from regional and industry-focused teams.

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