Specialty B2B Lending

Specialty B2B Lending

As businesses continue to grow, access to ready capital is essential. But when bank loans and other traditional funding sources prove difficult or impossible to come by, business owners may feel like their growth has been pushed off the table indefinitely. Fortunately, for those lacking the opportunity for traditional lending options, there’s B2B lending. This sector, which encompasses a broad range of financial products and services such as asset-back lending, factoring, and leasing, has been instrumental in empowering businesses to make informed decisions, fulfill their financial aspirations, and can quickly get commercial enterprises back on track. LCG’s subject matter experts are well-versed in B2B lending and conduct hundreds of transaction advisory and due diligence engagements in this field every year.

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Services for the Specialty Lending Industry

  • Investment Banking
  • Acquisition Due Diligence
  • Investigative Services Group
  • Business Valuation
  • Strategic Financial Consulting
  • M&A Technology and Integration
  • Forensic Accounting & Litigation Support
  • Collateral Examinations
  • Financial Institutions Group


LCG Advisors has a national footprint with knowledge and expertise from regional and industry-focused teams.

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