By Richelle Heinauer

LCG Capital’s advice to business looking for investors: Clean up your act.

Tampa Bay Business Journal cites LCG’s latest Capital Market Survey in article highlighting key attributes investors are looking for when vetting a business for investment / acquisition.

A well-oiled management machine can make all the difference in a sale or investment in a company.

That’s among the key findings of a  capital markets survey by LCG Capital Advisors In Tampa.

A majority of the lenders and private equity groups surveyed said they have plenty of money to invest or lend, and their appetite for deals is strong compared to 2013, yet 90 percent of them said they had passed on an investment opportunity in the last year, citing management issues as the highest concern. Only one in nine respondents indicated they have seen “above average” management teams in the market today as a whole.

“For sellers, a greater focus needs to be placed on management systems and reporting with a solid growth plan and supporting finance and accounting infrastructure,” said Brian Smith, managing partner, LCG Capital Advisors. “In addition, I would strongly advise sellers to begin implementing new-age marketing strategies and techniques such as social media, pay-per-click, and improved branding and web optimization.”


Article was written by Margie Manning, and is © 2014 Tampa Bay Business Journal.

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