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LCG Advisors Awarded Top 7 Management Consulting Firm by the Tampa Bay Business Journal

Top 7 of the list: Management consulting firms

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In life, everyone needs some advice now and then. Should I get the sports car or the minivan? Should I get an iPhone or an Android? Can I pull off the skinny-jeans-and-boots look? Businesses are no exception.

While companies don’t wear jeans, skinny or otherwise, they often need advice on issues such as what accounting software to install, how to structure compensation packages in order to attract the best talent and how to redesign business development proposals to improve the chances of success.

This is where management consulting firms are utilized.

The Feb. 8 issue of the Tampa Bay Business Journal contains a list of the top 25 management consulting firms in the Tampa Bay area based on the number of local consultants. When creating the list, the definition used to determine eligibility is firms that consult to management. While this may seem somewhat vague, these are firms that provide valuable guidance to companies across a whole range of management issues.

Leading the list with 550 local consultants is information technology consulting firmAccenture. Another IT consulting firm, Catapult Systems, ranks second on the list this year with 40 local consultants. The highest-ranked Tampa-based firm is WilsonHCG at No. 3. WilsonHCG provides human capital consulting, customized recruitment process outsourcing and talent acquisition software.

The biggest leap on the list was MCAworks LLC, which jumped from No. 25 last year to No. 12 in 2013. MCAworks is based both in Clearwater and in Westport, Conn., and provides business strategy, brand building, marketing strategy and organization process consulting services.

Subscribers can see the full list of firms with additional details, including types of consulting services provided and the name and email of the local senior executive or local managing partner.

To view the full article via the Tampa Bay Business Journal, please click here.

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