By Richelle Heinauer

LCG Is Proud To Be The New Presenting Sponsor for University of Tampa’s Business Network Symposium 2013-2014.

LCG proudly announces that is has agreed to become the new presenting sponsors for University of Tampa’s Business Network Symposium. LCG increased the presenting sponsorship level with 25% from previous year, and was the first firm to be at the sponsorship level of $12,500. Bank of America/ Merrill Lynch has previously sponsored the event but elected to make the sponsorship available to another supporter of the University and will be supporting Board of Fellows through another, yet to be announced, sponsorship.
BNS is a complimentary and informative event for the Tampa Bay business community and the University of Tampa. BNS is held three times a year (October, January, and April) and attract on average 300 attendees, which makes it one of the most popular networking events in Tampa Bay area. Each BNS program will feature three CEO’s of well-known local businesses. Each CEO will have the opportunity to share their business story – accomplishments, lessons learned, and future plans – with the local community.
Brian M. Smith, Managing Partner at LCG Advisors, stated “LCG has always been a supporter of the University of Tampa and the Business Network Symposium is a signature event with the Tampa Bay business community. So, we are honored to take on the Presenting Sponsor role and supporting the university is always an easy decision”.


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