By Richelle Heinauer

What Drives LCG’s Small Business Valuations

While “small business” can be defined in various ways, the most prevalent description refers to businesses with fewer than 250 employees and revenues under $35 million. At LCG, we engage in diverse transactions, some exceeding $1 billion in revenue. However, we are particularly passionate about supporting the small business community. Our business valuation division provides us with an exceptional opportunity to do just that. Here’s what fuels our unwavering dedication to assisting small businesses:

  1. Contagious Enthusiasm. As the backbone of our economy, small business owners typically have enormous enthusiasm for their businesses. Our role in the valuation process goes beyond determining the value of their businesses; it involves offering invaluable insights that empower them to make well-informed decisions and tackle potential obstacles. Witnessing the renewed energy and passion that arises when their vision and strategy crystallize serves as a poignant reminder of the significance of our work and the reasons behind our dedication to helping them succeed.
  2. Relationships and Trust.  For small businesses, things are a little more personal than with larger enterprises. Throughout the valuation process, our team collaborates not only with business owners but also with financial institutions, attorneys, financial advisors, and other stakeholders. This close and vital working environment enables LCG to establish strong relationships built on trust and credibility—values that lie at the very core of our firm and the services we deliver. 
  3. Impactful Value. Our valuation professionals play a pivotal role in various business contexts, including mergers and acquisitions, financing, succession planning, partnership agreements, and legal disputes. Irrespective of the purpose, business valuations hold immense importance for our clients, as they provide meaningful insight and credible assessments. By enabling informed decision-making, guiding negotiation processes, and ensuring fair outcomes, our valuation professionals contribute significantly to the success and equitable growth of small businesses.

The strong shared passion between our clients and our team is a driving force that fosters growth and success, benefiting not only our valued clients but also empowering LCG’s professionals. This synergy propels us forward, motivating our continuous expansion and enhancement of our business valuation practice.

LCG Advisors is one of the nation’s leading third-party due diligence and transaction advisory firms, performing over 1,000 engagements annually for top financial institutions.

LCG’s Business Valuations Division offers a consultative approach to working with business owners, lenders, and other relevant parties to ensure a timely and transparent process. Our professionals include certified valuation analysts (CVA), accredited business valuators (ABV), and certified public accountants (CPA).

Jessica Greiwe is the Director of LCG’s Business Valuation division. She holds the CPA and CVA designations as well as being recently named to the NACVA Valuation Credentialing Board. Jessica can be reached at [email protected].

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