By Richelle Heinauer

2024 Planning

Scott Webb, Managing Director, Strategic Financial Consulting

As privately-held companies begin to navigate the year-end close, reporting, and planning season, LCG has a comprehensive suite of services designed to seamlessly complement accounting and finance teams.

Staff Augmentation from CFO Level Down: Understanding the diverse needs of your clients, we provide top-tier staff augmentation services, from CFO-level expertise down to essential accounting staff. This allows for flexible scaling of resources to meet any accounting or finance organizational need. 

General Audit Support and Cleanup: Our team excels in providing audit support, including pre-audit planning, documentation, and cleanup services. We aim to streamline the audit process, ensuring accuracy and compliance, thereby easing the burden on your team and your clients.

Financial and Board Reporting: Clear and concise financial reporting is key to decision-making. Our experts assist in crafting detailed, accurate reports for management and boards, ensuring that all stakeholders have the insights they need, as well as meeting requirements of their GAAP audited financials.

Optimization of Controls and Processes: In today’s dynamic business environment, optimized controls and efficient processes are key. Our experts specialize in enhancing operational efficiency, minimizing risks, and improving overall financial performance, including work with 13 week cash flow and working capital analysis.

Technical Accounting Expertise: With ever-changing accounting standards and regulations, our technical accounting services keep your clients compliant and informed. We offer guidance on complex accounting issues, ensuring they stay ahead of the curve.

Post-Transaction Support: After a transaction, navigating the financial landscape can be challenging. We offer extensive post-transaction support, including preparation of opening balance sheets, purchase price allocation, working capital assessments, and dedicated audit support.

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