Background Checks and Investigative Services

Background Checks and Investigative Services

The Investigative Services Group’s (ISG) fully licensed staff provides investigative diligence services which allow our clients to make well-informed business and transaction decisions. These services include, but are not limited to, corporate due diligence, mission-critical background investigations, and litigation support. Our specialized knowledge base and cutting-edge techniques provide our clients with a wider breadth and depth of knowledge than conventional background screeners provide.

With over 20 years of experience, ISG has unparalleled investigative expertise as well as a vast network of domestic and international relationships.

At LCG, our go-to market strategy is based on these core values:

  • Every client has unique needs and parameters for making vital decisions.
  • Every client deserves to have access to the best and most thorough information to make those decisions.
  • Every client should expect discretion, responsiveness, and reliability; these characteristics are critical and a part of daily operations and practices.

Common Situations Requiring ISG Services:

  • Business Acquisitions and Investments
  • Mergers
  • Corporate Loans
  • Equity Investments
  • Strategic and Joint Ventures
  • Key Employee Hires & Recurring Background and/or Credit Checks
  • Complex Litigation Matters
  • Restructuring & Insolvency Support
  • Competition or Industry Research
  • Business and Individual Licensing Verifications

Common ISG Clients:

  • Private Equity Firms, Family Offices, & Independent Sponsors
  • Private & Public Companies
  • Hedge Funds / Investment Funds
  • Business Litigation Attorneys
  • Family Law Attorneys
  • Transaction Attorneys
  • Mezzanine & Specialty Lenders
  • Regional & Community Banks
  • Commercial Lenders

Key Investigative Services Group Offerings:

  • Investigative Due Diligence ISG’s due diligence investigations equip our clients with vital insights to ensure the successful conclusion of deals and transactions. Investigative diligence is initiated on key executives, principals, and corporate entities to maximize the client’s ability to make mission-critical decisions. An essential component of the overall due diligence process, investigative diligence is customized based on the client’s goals and requirements. Our deep-dive investigations cover all aspects of the public record realm, including, but not limited to, complex civil litigation, criminal matters, and bankruptcy.
  • Key Employee Background Screenings Hire and retain with confidence. From C-suite executives to temporary administrative assistants, our deep-dive background investigations arm our clients with a comprehensive summary of a candidate’s personal and professional history. In addition to researching public records, our investigations ensure that candidates truthfully represent themselves by verifying credentials such as employment, education, and professional certifications. ISG’s comprehensive background investigations allow our clients to make well-informed hiring decisions and protect the reputation and operations of their businesses.
  • Litigation Support and Document Retrieval ISG will strengthen and complement your legal strategy by efficiently assisting in the development of leads, gathering testimony, and evidentiary documentation. We also provide profiling key witnesses, expert witnesses, or others central to the litigation. Our practice also includes real-time investigative research (including social media monitoring) of potential jurors throughout the selection process.
  • Asset Searches With access to proprietary information and public records, our team uses innovative research techniques in order to identify individual and corporate assets. Through similar processes, we help determine liabilities, indebtedness, and “hidden” assets. Among the assets that we search for are financial institution relationships, corporate affiliations, real property, and other tangibles.
  • Open Source / Public Information / Social Media Investigations In a digital landscape where nothing is ever truly hidden, it is essential to conduct social media and internet investigations. ISG utilizes open-source intelligence (“OSINT”) methods to identify and assess the digital footprint of an individual, including social media accounts, professional references, business relationships, and more. Our methods and techniques allow us comb through and monitor hundreds of sources such as social media accounts, chat rooms, blogs, and forums to uncover derogatory or concerning information posted by an individual. ISG’s thorough research allows our clients to be confident that they know all the pertinent facts in advance of critical decisions.

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