By Richelle Heinauer

LCG Completes Buy Side Due Diligence and Quality of Earnings Analysis for its Client Apex Fundamental Partners, In Connection with Apex’s Acquisition of Alturdyne Power Systems

Apex Fundamental Partners has acquired Alturdyne Power Systems, LLC

Apex Fundamental Partners LLC is pleased to announce that it has acquired Alturdyne, Inc., a leader in the production and repair and maintenance of back-up and primary power generation systems. Alturdyne Power Systems, LLC will serve as our platform to grow this business nationwide.

Stuart Lissner, Managing Partner of Apex Fundamental Partners LLC:

“LCG recently completed a buy-side due diligence engagement and Quality of Earnings Analysis for our firm in connection with an acquisition. LCG assigned senior level staff to the engagement and provided detailed analysis on the target company, identified risks, made appropriate and valuable recommendations, and reported to us on a daily basis throughout the engagement. LCG identified all relevant issues and communicated to us in real-time, which was of great value as this allowed us to address these issues with the seller in a timely fashion as we moved toward a closing. LCG’s final report was well written, clear and concise, and most importantly, addressed the key relevant issues which assisted us in our risk assessment of the target. In addition, LCG was able to work within a tight budget constraint, which was important to us on this particular transaction. I look forward to working with LCG in the future and we would highly recommend LCG and their due diligence services.”

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