Founded in 2003, LCG Advisors has developed a reputation for consistently exceeding client expectations with a high level of integrity and professionalism. LCG’s Special Situations Group (“SSG”) provides a highly specialized set of services focusing on businesses working through challenging situations. Our team possesses extensive experience and a unique set of skills designed to work in conjunction with existing stakeholders to quickly evaluate and tackle a variety of challenges.


Common Special Situations:
• Pre-transaction Preparation
• Post-diligence Remediation
• Liquidity Crises
• Loss of Stakeholder Confidence
• Misstatement / Misrepresentation
• Borrowing Base Over Advance / Irregularities
• Lender Default / Workout
• Post-transaction Integration
• Deterioration of Financial Performance
• Insolvency / Financial Distress
• Business Dissolution
• Undercapitalization
• High-growth Operational Strains


Our Special Situations Advisory Services Include:

Transaction Preparation
• Interim CFO Services
• Assessment of Transaction Readiness and Identification of Likely Deal Killers
• Assistance with the Implementation of Readiness

• Preparation of Deal Presentations and Financial Reports Working Capital Management Solutions
• 13 Week Cash Flow Analysis
• Liquidity Analysis and Improvement Planning
• Customer and Vendor Communications and

• Day-to-day Cash Management
• Borrowing Base Analysis / Management Creditor and Vendor Negotiations
• Monitor Cash Payments to Creditors
• Minimize Outflows to Non-Critical Vendors
• Establish Payment Plan Arrangements
• Ensure Supply Chain Remains Stable
• Manage Vendor Communication

Restructuring & Refinancing
• Interim CFO and Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO) Services
• Assessment of Operational and Financial Condition
• Determination of Optimal Capital Structure and Debt Service Capacity
• Assessment of Capital Markets to Determine Refinancing Structure, Pricing and Term

Pre-Bankruptcy Preparation and Planning
• Identification and Disposition of Non-core Assets
• Negotiation of Lender Forbearance Agreements
• Cost Reduction Initiatives
• Performance Monitoring

Growth Management
• Implementation of Financial and Internal Controls and Processes
• Development of Key Management Performance Indicators
• Assessment and Development of Revenue Models and Financial Structure


Scott Webb

Scott Webb

Managing Director